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prAna went live with a Pepperjam fully managed affiliate marketing program in May 2016, easing in by using content and loyalty sites. However, their main hesitation over entering the affiliate channel completely was maintaining brand standards.

The affiliate channel rounded out an already solid marketing approach for prAna while also helping to refine their channel strategy moving forward.

 Pepperjam Examples

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 What can I do with Pepperjam?

 Use our Dynamic Attribution tools to pay for the traffic you value most.


Pay the right publisher the correct commission.

In-Cart Attribution, an exclusive Pepperjam technology that supersedes last-click metrics, looks at timing variables in the click stream to determine when a customer leaves your cart to find a code.


Incentivize publishers for better placements, higher quality traffic and more sales.

Preferred Publisher provides needed leverage to negotiate the best placements with the publisher of your choice. If your preferred publisher creates a click that leads to a sale, they get the commission regardless of their position in the click stream.


Solve for promotion codes used that were not intended for the affiliate channel.

Code suppression enables you to pay zero commissions on publisher referred transactions that utilize codes you designate as restricted from the affiliate channel, so you can preserve margins without restricting revenue.


Give a publisher an exclusive offer.

Exclusive Codes offset the problem of exclusive offers popping up on competitors' websites. You assign a promotion code to a specific publisher, and they are credited for the sale, regardless of their presence in the click stream.


Remedy complexities around omnichannel attribution.

Clickless Tracking increases accuracy for measuring code impact, builds non-traditional partnerships while integrating your online and offline presence.


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