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Pepperjam empowers today’s marketers to lead tomorrow’s affiliate marketing revolution with our end-to-end program management solutions.


Streamline publisher recruitment with automated recommendations.

Discover serves up partnership suggestions so that advertisers can find the right publishers to help them get to market faster while uncovering new opportunities.


Gain additional exposure and drive new customers while decreasing marketing spend.

Clickless Tracking powered by Exclusive Code lets advertisers generate a promotional code for a specific publisher that rewards only that publisher on each redemption, regardless of where or by whom it is used—no click required.



Reward your most powerful traffic sources when they appear in the buyer journey. 

Preferred Publisher gives influential publishers credit for transactions, regardless of where they fall in the click stream.



Reinvent the standard payment model. 

Dynamic Commissioning enables advertisers to commission publishers on a deeper level, rewarding them for fueling a higher AOV, increasing number of transactions, driving new customers, incentivizing specific product purchases and more.



Get the data you crave for measuring success.

Dynamic reporting brings clarity to complex data gathered in a program. Advertisers can find the root cause of performance through visuals, quickly identify program trends and easily uncover success stories in a digestible reporting format.


Reach new audiences and increase brand advocacy.

First Click allows advertisers to reward the first publisher in the click stream for referring a transaction to incentivize content creators and foster relationships with top-of-funnel publishers.



Shift commission to publishers who strongly influenced a transaction.

In Cart Attribution credits the last publisher in the click stream prior to a customizable time threshold, effectively rewarding the true influencer of a sale.



Improve return on marketing spend and eliminate data gray areas. 

Code Suppression ceases commission payouts on codes not intended for the affiliate channel, eliminating channel-specific data crossover and protecting your budget.



Track personalized goals with real-time program performance.  

KPI Tracking is front-and-center on the advertiser dashboard, providing increased transparency and visuals for success metrics that matter most to your program.