What is an Influencer?

An influencer is anyone with the ability to impact the decisions of others. In the digital marketing space, influencers make the largest impact on their audiences through social media channels, creating and sharing unique content.

Who are influencer audiences?

Influencers curate strong audiences on their social platforms by attracting like-minded users to follow their channels with branded content. By engaging with these users through imagery, comments and through sharing personalized content, influencers create relationships with their followers, or digital friendships. In turn, followers accept advice on products, brands and style from the influencers, similar to word-of-mouth recommendations from a friend.

Benefit of Working with Influencers.

Influencers, themselves, are a brand. They carefully curate their own aesthetic, including working with brands that share their style, opinions and purpose. Because influencers are typically protective of the recommendations they offer their audience, their followers are trusting of these recommendations as if they are coming from a friend. When a brand inserts itself into an influencer’s content, it’s serving up a recommendation to a large group of digital friends—perfect for targeting a specific demographic and driving new customers.

Many influencer collaborations begin with a negotiation on cost and outcome of the content. While influencers want to keep this content seemingly organic, advertisers can provide parameters and insight for the final product, ensuring a natural extension of their brand.