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According to Deloitte, this year's holiday retail sales are expected to rise nearly 1.5%. But just like the rest of 2020, it's a safe bet that we can expect the unexpected. For marketers, preparing properly for the holiday shopping season is critical to a holiday shopping season success story —preparations that span last minute partnerships, paid placement negotiation, promotional calendar planning, placement measuring and more. Leverage our 2020 planning resources to ensure that you're on track to maximize this year's holiday shopping season from start to finish.



Whether you’re seasoned in holiday affiliate planning or this is your first year in prep mode, we’re sharing pro tips that apply to everyone across the Q4 planning learning curve. Check out our ebooks for relevant best practices including 2020-specific content, strategic recommendations for optimizing technology and reminders about Ascend™ holiday housekeeping items.




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Hear holiday planning tips and tricks for both advertisers and partners from our in-house experts.