Pepperjam’s Curated Partner Community

Join the 1,750 global clients that reach tens of millions of unique consumers in the partnership ecosystem.

Consumers demand a seamless experience across the buyer journey – omnipresence that quickly grows in cost and complexity. As the anchor of the global partnership ecosystem, the affiliate channel makes creating effortless yet effective experiences for consumers simple with modern marketing solutions and innovative technology.

Cater to consumer demand by creating seamless shopping experiences without sacrificing marketing dollars by leveraging Pepperjam’s Curated Partner Community, a progressive solution for maximizing new customer acquisition in the partnership ecosystem that makes finding, recruiting, optimizing and rewarding partners across the ecosystem simple.



Enhance consumer experience.

Merchandise across like-commerce properties easily discoverable through automated recommendations taps engaged audiences that map to your customer attributes, increasing basket sizes and profit margins.



  • Fuel brand recognition and advocacy.

  • Brands participating in cross-brand merchandising and commerce promotion power omnipresence, remain competitive, reach new customers and foster loyalty with repeat buyers.


Control the cost of customer acquisition.

Maintain favorable unit economics while acquiring new customers with affiliate’s outcome-based payment model—a critical component of turning your advertising into a profit center.

The traditional affiliate landscape has evolved to include non-traditional partner types across the partnership ecosystem, including brand-to-brand, influencers, content, referral, loyalty, coupon, content syndication and more.



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