WooCommerce Advertisers Rejoice!

By Jesse Hoffmann on December 1, 2016
An interesting thing happens when you merge performance marketing and ecommerce: retailers’ lives become easier while their bottom lines are positioned to grow. That’s exactly what happened when Magento and Pepperjam announced their integration and it’s happening once again as Pepperjam welcomes yet another partnership—this time with WooCommerce.  

This is sure to be very welcome news for retailers currently running the WooCommerce ecommerce platform. Like Magento, retailers using WooCommerce can activate performance marketing programs with Pepperjam—without requiring manual placement and configuration of code on the order confirmation page—thus eliminating the need for any fancy code know-how or IT help. The plugin promises to not only significantly reduce average activation time, but also greatly reduce room for error.

But the real story here is platform evolution. It’s about ingenuity and resourcefulness. It’s about giving retailers what they want and giving them what they need. It’s tech titans joining forces with one simple goal in mind: to make the businesses and lives of retailers seamless and uncomplicated so they can focus on what they do best. It’s about returning to simplicity all while accelerating capability. Successful transactions have one thing in common: at some point, they all actively engage in the interplay between ecommerce and marketing. In other words, when retailers set up their carts, their minds are now trained on “who will be my customer and how do I get them here?” We believe their minds are right where they need to be and we’re more than happy to help them succeed. Moral of the story: retailers are wise to be thinking of the duality between acquisition and retention and it’s partnerships like these that foster this thinking and help reap its rewards.

Is your ecommerce platform powered by WooCommerce?

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