The Struggle is Real: Siloed Affiliate Data

By Katie Spurkeland on January 9, 2020

Lack of innovation has left modern marketers suffering from data tunnel vision. Hamstrung by the status quo, marketers’ affiliate data is trapped within the confines of legacy affiliate providers. They’re unable to validate affiliate’s true impact, evaluate investment by channel or make accurate spend allocation decisions across their digital mix. It’s time for marketers to take back control.

The Ascend™ platform’s progressive approach to affiliate marketing delivers an answer to these historic data pain points with turnkey analytics and attribution partnerships across the marketing reporting stack:

Domo, a top 3 business intelligence tool that enables marketers to connect, transform and visualize over 1,000 data sources.
  • Funnel, a data import tool that generates actionable, business-ready data.
  • Measured, an attribution tool designed to measure incrementality.
  • Glew, a business intelligence tool that provides multi-channel analytics in simplified visualizations.

This addition of these partnerships to our established (and growing!) ecosystem of technology partnerships empower marketers to play an active role in their affiliate success story in the single destination for affiliate lifecycle management, Ascend™.

Learn more about our integrated analytics and attribution partner announcement our press release. For a full list of our integrated partners, check out our ecosystem.