The Importance of Publisher Diversity

By Maura Smith, CMO on April 12, 2019

They say variety is the spice of life and putting all your proverbial eggs in just one basket may be foolish and somewhat short-sighted. And whoever “they” are, may have been on to something. In the financial sector, for example, it can be a life-altering mistake not to diversify your portfolio. In everyday life, all too often, not having options proves detrimental.

In performance marketing, the name of the game is, really, relationship marketing. And as in all good relationships, there is a mutual exchange of value—a value that can be significantly hindered when you don’t leverage all the aspects that feed into it. Having a diverse publisher base helps to reach a broader audience with the intent of driving new customer acquisition.

Watch as Pepperjam’s, Mandy O’Brien, dives into how to diversify your program through innovative tools and technology here.

Topics:   Publisher Insights recruitment