Publisher Perspective: Incentive Networks

By Ryan Binkley on May 11, 2018

We work with some of the most successful and influential publishers in affiliate. Our Publisher Perspective series sets out to learn from the best of the best and pick up a few secrets to their success along the way.

In this installment, we sit down with Incentive Networks’ Senior Marketing Manager, Claudia Leon.

Share a little about your company.

Incentive Networks specializes in offering customized advertiser-funded shopping portals that enable customers to earn rewards on their online shopping. Whether supporting points or cash-back programs, our white-label solution provides a seamless brand experience that engages customers and also drives incremental revenue for our partners.

Please describe a typical day in your office.

We get to hang out on a beach all day via the app Sococo which allows our team to work remotely. Our “office setting” is a lovely beach with the ocean nearby and palm trees all around.

What types of programs is your team looking to partner with on Pepperjam Network?

We are focused on growing our international advertiser base. Programs that ship to Canada, Australia and Mexico are top priority right now.

Can you share a success highlight from your partnership with Pepperjam Network that really stands out to you?

We’ve had so many technical and accounting questions and the Pepperjam support teams have been incredible!

What sets your company apart from others or makes it unique?  

Our company has a global presence. We can help brands expand their footprint in Canada, Australia, Mexico and Europe.

What do you attribute your company’s success to on Pepperjam Network?

Pepperjam is a simple platform to use and the team is quick to help and advise us!

What is one thing people should know about your company?  

Incentive Networks is a top loyalty publisher in Australia, thanks to our partnership with Qantas Airlines.

Why did you choose Pepperjam Network over other networks?

Simple to use, great brands!

What’s on the roadmap for your company?

Mobile Mobile Mobile

Three words that best describe your company…go!

Global Loyalty Leader

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