Preparing for ITP 2.1: How to stay a step ahead of this year’s browser changes

By Katie Spurkeland on March 11, 2019

With an ongoing focus on consumer privacy, many browser technologies are taking steps to protect our personal data. This initiative has the unfortunate effect of disrupting the ability to accurately measure performance marketing programs, forcing digital advertising tracking to adapt.

Last year, we alerted you to browser changes and provided an initial solution to protect against the blocking of third-party cookies. The solution relies on a code enhancement that adds click IDs to advertisers’ pixel when a third-party cookie is not available. In the interim, we’ve proactively developed an enhancement to our initial solution that provides our advertisers and publishers with an industry-leading approach to eliminate performance marketing revenue loss caused by ongoing updates to browser privacy standards.

Pepperjam’s recommended solutions include:

  • The container tag. Our container tag can be installed directly on your website or through an existing tag manager. By choosing this solution, you reduce the amount of manual integration work related to ever-changing browser functionality.
  • Ecommerce platform extensions. Ecommerce platform extensions and plugins are the quickest way for advertisers to update tracking and include necessary changes that mitigate browser-induced tracking loss. Extensions that include our container tag are currently available on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Magento and Shopify.

Both solutions bolster tracking protection from browser changes and set advertisers up for long-term success with tracking flexibility—a table stake for affiliate channel continuity.

Contact us to learn more about how you can protect your affiliate marketing lifecycle with Pepperjam’s tracking solutions. You can also check out our core content for more information on privacy.

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