Pepperjam Unveils New Premier Publisher Program

By Angela Genoble on December 8, 2016
While being outstanding is its own reward, a little recognition never hurts! That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our Premier Publisher Program, featuring select publishers who’ve distinguished themselves by exceeding performance standards. All of this while hitting some amazing revenue milestones. 


Premier status offers easy visibility among advertisers as well as publishers inside the network with the exclusive Pepperjam Premier Publisher logo—denoting at a glance that you are among the finest within our network.

And the perks don’t end there! Premier accounts also qualify for special benefits within the network, including:

  • Dedicated Publisher Manager
  • Participation in network case studies
  • Early access or guaranteed invite to Publisher Day and other Pepperjam events
  • Advanced notification of new technologies/products and new programs (advanced acceptance)
  • Opportunities for increased commissions from advertisers
  • Publisher company logo included in Pepperjam decks and other collateral

Want Premier status? While not exhaustive, here’s some of what it takes:

  • Partnering with multiple advertisers
  • Open lines of communication with the Publisher Development Team, advertisers, account managers and agencies
  • Maintaining network quality standards, including full disclosure of promotional methods, business model and sources of traffic

 Please reach out to your Publisher Manager or Publisher Support if you have questions and to learn more.

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