Adding the Pepperjam Pixel is a Whole Lot Easier!

By Larissa Buch on December 13, 2016

As an advertiser, you’ve more than likely placed a pixel onto your site before, and you know just how tedious of a task this can become. Fear not. Pepperjam has some really good news: if you’re using Tealium, Ensighten or Signal container tag management solutions, Pepperjam’s three tracking pixels have been added to these container tag libraries. This means that you will be able to automatically add or update the Pepperjam pixel on your site while eliminating the need for time-consuming manual pixel placement. Winning. 

This automatic integration is poised to save retailers and brands valuable time and resources. And as a passion-driven performance marketing company, that’s music to our ears.


Topics:   Pepperjam Innovation Technology