Intern Spotlight: Introducing Maya Haynie

By Christine Kammerer on February 27, 2018

Maya CircularPepperjam seeks to work with college students who are looking to experience a real-life, hands-on internship that will adequately prepare them for what awaits after the cap toss. And we certainly appreciate all the dedication that accompanies the challenge of supporting such a diverse performance marketing team. Our Intern Spotlight series sets out to learn from and celebrate our interns and their successes.

In this installment, we sit down with La Salle University’s, Maya Haynie. 

Where do you call home, originally?  

Maplewood, New Jersey. I’ve lived there my whole life and love it so much. The town is so culturally rich and diverse. I feel really blessed to have grown up in a town like that.

What are your thoughts on life in Conshohocken and how does this differ from life in your hometown?

Conshohocken is definitely a different vibe from my home town but in a way that I can appreciate. I have family history in the town and my aunt and uncle currently live in a home that was passed down through our family, so I always come to visit. Conshohocken seems a lot more traditional but I can draw parallels between the two towns when it comes to an emphasis on community and family.

Why did you choose La Salle University?

I always planned to go to school in Philadelphia for the rich artistic culture, and I applied to almost every school in the area. After getting my acceptance letter back I was positive that I would end up at Drexel University, but after visiting La Salle’s campus, I instantly felt right at home. The small class sizes and hands-on policy in the school of business really attracted me to the school and I’m so happy that I went with my gut.

Did you always want to study your major or did it just happen by chance?

Growing up, I always had this dream of being a veterinarian, then I realized that they work on other animals outside of the cute and cuddly cats and dogs! But seeing my parents become successful business people helped me to realize that going into business in some aspect would fit me well. Marketing has always been interesting to me because I love to think about what goes behind everyday consumer interactions with businesses and products and how we can manipulate that to get a certain result or return for a company.

We’re assuming you had your choice of internship offers. Why did you choose Pepperjam?

I chose Pepperjam because when I came in for my interview and learned more about the position, I saw that working here would give me the opportunity to be completely immersed in the industry and get hands-on experience. I saw the potential to learn about different aspects of digital marketing with a real agency.

Do you feel like you were adequately prepared for an internship? And if the answer is no or not really, why?

I don’t think that anyone can ever be fully prepared for a new experience or undertaking, but I do feel that my experience working with Google Adwords in school gave me a good foundation. I started working with the Client Marketing team, which deals heavily with Adwords and other SEM tools, having completed a whole course on Adwords really helped me transition into the position.

Is your internship what you thought it would be like? If not, what’s different?

This internship is not what I thought it would be, but in the best way possible. I originally thought that my daily tasks would mostly be shadowing on meetings and completing “busy-work” for the team, but I have found that to be the furthest thing from the truth. All the work that I’ve been assigned and submitted thus far, has directly gone to help in a final product that’s delivered to our clients. This carries over in my work with the Affiliate Team as well (and I’m even client facing on some accounts which is really exciting!).

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned while interning at Pepperjam?

While interning at Pepperjam, one valuable lesson that will stick with me no matter the industry I choose to go into is the importance and relevance of effective communication to the modern workplace. Every day, my coworkers and I communicate to get tasks done and this requires us utilizing conference calls, emails and IM to work effectively together. This has become especially true now that I’m working in the Affiliate Team where my coworkers are based in Wilkes-Barre.

What would you consider to be your dream job (if money or having an income didn’t matter)?

I’ve always had a love for the arts and my dream job would be opening a gallery space that features work by under-represented people and minorities. My goal has always been to bring the beauty of art to children and people of color because, as we have seen with recent budget cuts in the Philadelphia School District, it is desperately needed. I feel so strongly about the arts because it can be used as an escape from reality and a constructive way to express your emotions. 

Any general advice for upcoming interns (no matter where they choose to intern)?

I would want incoming interns to know that interning for a company is honestly what you make of it. You have to go into every situation and task with a positive mindset and the willingness and intention to learn from the experiences that you have. Every opportunity is a learning opportunity and every day gives you a glimpse about what your future may hold, so make sure to make the best of it.

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