Safari ITP 2.0 is here: Know the impact, solution and next steps

By Katie Spurkeland on September 19, 2018

Apple’s iOS 12 launched on September 17th, inclusive of Safari ITP 2.0. Pepperjam shared information regarding how you can protect your brand on our blog and through direct communications. To make sure you are prepared for the impact of this enhancement, we’re sharing additional details.

The Impact. Safari ITP 2.0 disables third-party cookies—the affiliate channel’s primary tracking method-- for domains that use data for tracking user activity. The browser enhancement impacts mobile, tablet and desktop services, potentially affecting a brands’ transaction activity and, therefore, the publishers that promote them.

The Solution. Pepperjam developed a code enhancement that passes click IDs to an advertisers’ pixel after it’s triggered when a third-party cookie is not available.

Your Next Steps. These vary based on audience:

  • Advertisers need to employ the code update provided as soon as possible to avoid tracking impact caused by Safari ITP 2.0. Pepperjam provided various approaches to complete this process:
    • Integration guides for Dynamic, Itemized and Basic pixel types are updated with steps to capture and store the click ID, in lieu of reliance on cookies.
    • Ecommerce platform extensions and plugins are the most seamless solution for advertisers to update tracking on these ecommerce platforms: Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify.
    • The JavaScript Tag Container can be installed directly to your website or through an existing tag manager solution.
  • Publishers will also feel the impact of Safari ITP 2.0, specifically from advertisers that have not completed these tracking enhancements. They are encouraged to reach out to brands individually for the status of advertisers’ tracking enhancement and review the partnership accordingly. Advertisers that have yet to complete the update should refer to email communications, blog and FAQ that they received from Pepperjam from early August through today to gain access to the step-by-step guides we provided to implement these changes. Please keep your account team in the loop when making updates to coordinate a final tracking test.

The solution provided by Pepperjam not only mitigates tracking errors caused by Safari ITP 2.0, but also positions Pepperjam to be successful in a privacy-centric environment that is fueling an industry shift.  Keep an eye out as we share more information regarding privacy changes within our industry.

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