How to Optimize with Affiliate Partners Amid Covid-19

By Pepperjam on April 9, 2020

Despite the devastating impact of Covid-19 on the lives of so many, history shows us that periods of great struggle will also give rise to great opportunity. We understand that clients and partners may be appropriately focused on matters of more urgent need, but for those of us in a position to identify and activate those opportunities on their behalf, we are obligated to do so.

The affiliate marketing channel has an unprecedented opportunity to facilitate revenue creation at a time when people’s livelihoods are under direct attack from the virus. The inherent pay-for-performance mechanics of the channel deliver maximum spend control to marketers who need to maximize their return on ad spend as they navigate the current crisis.

The following recommendations are intended as a resource for marketers seeking actionable information on opportunities available with Pepperjam’s publisher partners who have curated a range of compelling opportunities for marketers seeking performance-based results.

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