How Clothing & Apparel’s Affiliate Performance is Faring

By Pepperjam on June 16, 2020

Covid-19 has left little unsettled it its wake. Retail marketers across the globe were starkly reminded that very few are immune to the fallout of nation and world-wide stay-at-home orders. Since the onset, Pepperjam has kept close tabs on performance across the Ascend™ Affiliate Cloud platform—for all of our brands, across all verticals. Due in part to affiliate’s pay-for-outcome model, it was largely spared the same sweeping spend cuts many of its pay-for-access-channel counterparts endured.

Our data supported steady—even strong affiliate performance across mostly every vertical save for travel and hospitality (no surprise there). In fact, there was one vertical whose performance may have surprised some. The clothing and apparel category. Despite stay-at-home orders and temporary store closures, clothing and apparel affiliate performance hasn’t really seen a dampened demand or growth. Where other verticals saw decrease in consumer interest, clothing and apparel seemed to experience quite the opposite effect.  

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