Pepperjam’s “Fully Baked” Solution to Cross-Site Cookie Interruptions

By Katie Spurkeland on January 24, 2020

The Ascend™ platform’s tracking capabilities were adapted to mitigate tracking loss caused by last year’s drumbeat of browser changes that include Apple’s Safari ITP, Firefox’s private browsing and content blocking and Chrome’s opt-in control.  

In many cases, these browser changes introduced tracking limitations, inhibiting performance marketers from accurately tracking consumers’ path to purchase. Pepperjam prepared for these browser changes with enhancements that ensure persistent tracking across all browsers.  

Additional changes are ahead with the Google Chrome 80 release slated for February. This update includes modifications to SameSite attribute, a feature that alters the way third-party cookies function by default in cross-domain scenarios. While the change gives browsers better transparency and more control over what consumer data is being collected and passed across pages, it endangers cookie-based tracking in performance marketing channels. 

Pepperjam has already completed enhancements that ensure uninterrupted tracking despite this browser change and no action is required by Ascend™ brands to ensure persistent tracking 

In addition to these enhancements, Ascend(TM) offers modern tracking capabilities that let you:  

  1. Trigger cookieless transactions. Reward publisher partners based on code redemption—no click required—with Exclusive Code. Without a click, transactions are associated with unique identifiers other than a cookie—tracking that will remain persistent.

    • Note: While Exclusive Code enables brands to trigger transactions based on code redemption, it's not our primary solution for uninterrupted tracking as a result of browser changes. Pepperjam's Container Tag ensures persistent affiliate tracking by utilizing unique click IDs. The container tag can be implemented using our documentation or through one of our ecommerce platform extensions available through Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify.
  2. Alleviate bandwidth for your tech team.  With more ecommerce integration partners available than any other affiliate provider, Pepperjam’sContainer Tag is your built-in solution to future tech updates. By utilizing our container tag through ecommerce platform integrations or traditional implementation, you enable our team to easily apply any tracking enhancements without utilizing your own tech bandwidth.  
  3. Prepare with a long-term privacy solution. As evident by the wave of consumer privacy updates, there is more to come in terms of changes to protect consumer privacy. In preparation, Pepperjamwill be first to market with a feature that will protect our brands from ever-changing browser updates and ad blockers that negatively impact traditional affiliate tracking. More to come on this soon! 

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