Four Tactics to Elevate Your Affiliate Marketing Plans

By Pepperjam on September 8, 2016

To set your brand up for success, consider these four key tactics to boost your ROI. Being well-versed in each will elevate your affiliate marketing plans and ensure they are your most profitable yet.


  1. Leverage Advanced Attribution

    Marketers should utilize attribution to award each publisher that played a role in the path to a purchase based on their value to the sale. Advanced attribution tools can provide you with insights into how, when and where publishers influence customers across devices and channels so that you know which to reward, and how much to pay them.

  2. Incorporate Seamless Consumer Engagement

    Engage consumers and increase conversion rates by offering multiple transaction types:
    Mobile Applications
    Beacon Technology
    Buy Online, Pick Up In Store
    Push Notifications
    Card Linked Offers
    Online to In-Store Coupons

  3. Customize Commission Rates

    Not all influencers along the path to purchase are equal—so why would you reward them equally? Dynamic Commissioning enables marketers to define incrementality-based tracking to customize commission rates for:

    • Transaction type
    • SKUs
    • Coupon Code
    • New to File vs. Return Customers
    • Device Type
    • Category
  4. Monetize Instagram

    Publishers can now send their Instagram followers to advertisers’ product pages, driving high quality traffic and revenue through the affiliate channel. By taking advantage of our Curalate partnership, content publishers are able to monetize Instagram posts and make images shoppable.

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