Dynamic Attribution: Identifying the True Point of Influence

By Katie Manley on June 7, 2017

Content has yet to be dethroned from its unofficial crowning as king nearly two decades ago. Over time, advertisers have gained a better understanding of the importance of content generation, exhibited through their increasing investments in influencer marketing. Affiliate marketing blends the best of both worlds: content-based partnerships and a pay-for-performance model. The combination makes building brand advocacy while driving strong ROI more accessible than ever.

While the industry struggles with how to best incentivize and compensate influencers in a last-click scenario favoring “closers,” Pepperjam now provides a solution: our Dynamic Attribution Suite. The purpose-built toolset brings smarter measurement and compensation to influencer marketing campaigns, giving brands what they need for start-to-finish strategy execution. Stay in front of your influencer tactics utilizing Dynamic Attribution in every step of the process.

  • Negotiate. Customers won’t search for a brand they aren’t aware of, emphasizing the value of securing content opportunities. Herein lies the issue with influencer marketing. As an influencer, the time and energy spent crafting a post that appropriately represents a brand, their product or aesthetic can go without reward if the customer stops by another publisher partner before completing their purchase. A brand can turn on In-Cart Attribution, rewarding publishers for their impact earlier in the purchase path based on a time threshold before checkout, or Preferred Publisher, a tool designating a single publisher within the program as the recipient of commission regardless of where they fall in the click stream. Guaranteed payout on sales referred by a campaign is a bargaining chip for brands and content partners to alleviate flat fees on content generation.
  • Build Brand Advocacy. Publishers work hard to cultivate a loyal following. Customers know what they are getting when they visit their favorite publisher site: Best of web deals, accurate discounts and messaging, strong cash back rates or a post that resonates with them to inspire their own style. Brands can tap into these loyal customers with Exclusive Coupon, a technology that attributes all commissions associated with a given code to the publisher it was assigned to. Assigning a unique code to a publisher will increase the opportunity of a featured post with that partner, drive new customers from their database and build a strong relationship between the brand and the publisher.
  • Track Results. Aside from alleviating flat fees for feature opportunities, brands can utilize Code Suppression, eliminating commission payouts on codes not permitted within the affiliate channel. Code Suppression yields cost savings, improves ROAS, and reduces risk of another channel’s code going viral. Code Suppression also improves the gray area of any campaign including a code on the brands’ side by eliminating channel overlap of code redemption. Paired with our overhauled reporting suite, Dynamic Attribution tools will offer deeper insight into your customer’s buyer journey so that you can drill through the complexities of traditional affiliate marketing for a more laser-focused multichannel strategy.

The new Dynamic Attribution Suite is the latest developments in our commitment to help you stay in front of your customers, your goals and your day. See more for yourself at pepperjam.com/stayinfront.

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