Digital Partner Day 2.0: Zeroing in on Effective Covid-19 Marketing Tactics

By Pepperjam on March 31, 2020

A few weeks ago, as we were all struggling to adjust to a new yet unfamiliar norm, networking and industry events were some of the first direct social distancing measures impacted. Understanding the disconnect that could result from limiting engagement between brands and partners, Pepperjam launched the industry’s first-ever virtual networking event, Digital Partner Day (DPD), that took place on March 25th. The turnout as well as attending brand and partner feedback indicated that within this new norm, we should continue establishing new standards for staying connected.   

Back by popular demand, Pepperjam is holding Digital Partner Day 2.0. Different from its predecessor, DPD 2.0 will expand its content from capabilities and optimizations discussions to targeting the partner marketing tactics that have proven especially effective amid Covid-19. Like its predecessor, DPD 2.0 is designed as a large-scale interactive presentation event where brands have exclusive access to a blend of partner categories including commerce content creation, coupon and loyalty partners.

More than ever, affiliate marketing is enabling brands to reach broader audiences through right-fit partnerships and this webinar gives brands easy access to educational opportunities and a means to create new partnerships and nurture existing partnerships from the safety of their remote offices.

The Details:

What is it?: Digital Partner Day 2.0 is a live, online educational event that gives brands a unique opportunity to listen in on publisher partner presentations focused on optimization opportunities, with special emphasis on effective marketing tactics amid Covid-19. 

When is it?: Thursday, April 2nd beginning at 12:45pm – 5pm EST

Where is it?: Remote! Full logistics info and registration here.

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