Big Game, Big Insights

By Tara Siegel on February 4, 2018

Pepperjam’s Philadelphia office has been buzzing with Super Bowl excitement since pre-season. As a Steelers fan, and Pennsylvania native, I will watch the game and cheer when I should, but really, I am watching as a marketer. I will be watching the commercials and like 112 million other viewers I will have my second screen handy to track trending hashtags (check out #BrandBowl52,#CrockPotIsInnocent, and of course #flyeaglesfly)

Moving quickly is a prerequisite of any digital marketer, and this weekend we can quickly adjust our campaigns and perhaps capitalize on some trends. While jumping on a trending hashtag is fun, and can get your brand some added exposure, with a little digging we found some trends that will last beyond The Big Game this weekend.

Google Trends released their annual Super Bowl Report, as always, this free report is loaded with winners:

  • Typo’s happen: Every year, searches for ‘Superb Owl’ spike during the super bowl, this trend has been increasing steadily since 2011. Search marketers can take this as a que that voice search is rising, and bidding on ‘voice typo’s’ are here to stay.
  • In Minnesota (you know, where the game is), the number one question regarding the Super Bowl is ‘Will the Vikings win the Super Bowl’ followed by ‘Who is singing at the Super Bowl’. I had to check this one twice, and I can confirm its accuracy. There is a key learning here. We shouldn’t assume that the entire country is interested in this game. Even the state hosting seems to be unsure if their hometown team is playing in the game that has become a cultural holiday. There is a whole group (read: persona) of viewers who need to be spoken to differently, which brings us to…
  • To most of the country, it’s all about the food, and there are some surprises there too. Chili is the most searched recipe in my home state of PA. and the Philly Cheese Steak has taken over Ohio and Illinois. Don’t assume you know what people want. Take the time to look at the data, measure once, cut twice.

 receipe by state

Whether you are watching the game as a football fan, foodie, marketer, or just waiting for the This is Us episode that will end all happiness, we will all be talking about it on Monday. Unless of course you take a #supersickday. 

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