Safari ITP 2.0: All You Need to Know

By Marty Bickford on August 27, 2018

This year’s Cambridge Analytica and Facebook scandal gave the people more than just  memes of Mark Zuckerberg’s inaugural sip of water. It also drew attention to a larger conversation regarding privacy. As consumers, how much of it do we actually have? Where is our data being stored? What control do we have over our own information? Apple is taking control to answer these questions and protect their users.  

Safari ITP 2.0: What is it?

Released last year in conjunction with growing consumer privacy concerns, Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) is the new standard within Safari. Apple estimates that their enhancement, ITP 2.0, will roll out this fall. A new feature in the enhancement is a browser setting called “prevent cross-site tracking” which is a default setting for all impacted browser versions, effectively disabling third-party cookies for domains that use data for tracking user activity. Safari ITP 2.0 impacts mobile, tablet and desktop services, potentially affecting a brands’ transaction activity—a situation that can’t be ignored.

You’re impacted: What does Safari ITP 2.0 mean for my brand?

A positive change for consumers’ privacy and online marketing, Safari’s update confirms what has been foreshadowed for years—a diminished reliance on the use of cookies, a commonplace tracking mechanism used in affiliate marketing. Because cookies have become the target of ad blockers and privacy-focused technologies, Pepperjam is prepared for this industry shift.

We’re here to help: Implementing our solution.

As a business, Pepperjam is locked and loaded with a solve for our advertisers. We’re pivoting our tracking type with a simple update that will act as an alternative to cookie tracking. By implementing the tracking update prior to Apple’s estimated Safari ITP 2.0 rollout of September, brands can protect themselves from the negative impact on transactions, alleviate inaccurate attribution and preserve publisher relationships by continuing to reward them appropriately for the value they provide.

Let’s keep the conversation going: What are your thoughts?

Safari ITP 2.0 is a massive wave within the industry, even in a space that is accustomed to constant evolution. So, tell us what you think! Share in the comments below how you are protecting your site, what you're doing to alter your strategy to accommodate this enhancement, predictions for how ITP 2.0 will change the way marketers operate, etc.!

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