Newly Launched Affiliate Program Helps Large Sneaker Retailer Shatter Goals

By Erin Killian on August 25, 2017

The Set-Up

A large sneaker retailer launched a new affiliate program in the fall of 2016 with Pepperjam Preferred Agency, PartnerCentric. They targeted an aggressive KPI, achieving a percentage of the overall site sales, with each month having a targeted goal to achieve through the remainder of 2016.

The Treatment

Utilizing targeted publisher recommendations from the Pepperjam Agency Partner team combined with PartnerCentric’s global perspective on the marketplace, they focused not only on top publishers, but on content and niche publishers to round out the program and add more opportunities. To both incentivize and control budgets, they created a dedicated SKU strategy to other publisher segments.

PartnerCentric created a campaign of communication and incentivization by focusing efforts on program detail transparency and how they could work with the publishers on an ongoing basis.

Further, they utilized a strategy of incentivizing publishers to do more with increased commissions and exclusive codes, giving the team much needed flexibility and control. The Exclusive Codes feature allows an advertiser to give an individual publisher a unique coupon code that will reward them a commission regardless of which publisher referred the transaction.

The Results


The sneaker retailer beat expectations month-over-month.

The revenue goal for 2017 is based on a total number. As of April, performance is at 60% to goal.

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