Webinar Recap: 2020 Back-to-School Shopping Trends & Insights

By Pepperjam on August 21, 2020

As we all know very well now, traditional “back to school” everything looks radically different this year. Disrupted schedules, online learning, parents opting for homeschooling and more have left many of us wondering how to manage through the chaos. Despite this uncertainty, the National Retail Federation poises 2020 as the year that pushes back-to-school spending to record levels.

To make sense of the madness and help bring clarity to marketers who wonder whether they're on the right course, or if they need to correct that course, we turned to the experts. And there's no one better to help marketers along than publisher partners who are on the front shopping lines gleaning insights and formulating the recommendations that can take a plan from ho-hum to high-five status.

Download the webinar recording to hear direct from select partners: Student Beans, My UNiDAYS, Slickdeals and Prodege who are ears to the ground when it comes to back-to-school shopping trends and insights.