10 Fun Stay-at-Home Activities to Try this Mother’s Day Weekend

By Pepperjam on May 8, 2020

Absolutely nothing stops moms and nothing will stop this Mother’s Day, even a quarantine! To help along with planning during this especially unique time, here are some of our top 10 favorite (tested and approved!) Mother’s Day ideas that are entirely stay-at-home friendly!

Thanks to all the moms out there for all you do…we’d be lost without you!

  1. You’ve built plenty of memories already! Make a mommy & me scrapbook/keepsake.
  2. Make it special! Create a new tradition and bake a dish from a passed-down recipe.
  3. Dry goods abound! Go old school, break out the dry macaroni and paint and make a shell necklace together.
  4. Keep it bottle up! Clean out a used sauce jar, paint it and fill it up with motivational quotes. Take turns opening a new one each new day.
  5. The house rules! Throw a family Go Fish or Uno tournament. Winner skips the night’s clean up!
  6. Keep things “in-tents”! Throw the family tent up in the back yard, make a fire, s’mores and enjoy the spring air and each other.
  7. Paint your art out! Take old sheets, towels or canvases and paint flower bouquets. Adorn as you wish.
  8. Home-made scavenger hunt! Have the kids draw up a special Mother’s Day themed scavenger hunt and get outside together.
  9. Mom’s movie night! Table the kids’ movies and let mom enjoy her favorite with some kid-made popcorn and her favorite drink.
  10. Cash it in! Make a coupon book stuffed with vouchers for everything from 10 minute back rubs to extra chores. Mom cashes in as she wishes all year long.

BONUS: Get creative and download Pepperjam's very special Mother's Day Card template here!

Don't have a printer? Color your card digitally by following these simple steps:

  1. Download your card on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Take a screenshot.
  3. Tap the screenshot.
  4. Using MarkUp, color in your screenshot.
  5. Save and send digitally!