Affiliate Marketing:
Stress Tested, Marketer Approved


Affiliate rises to the occasion.
Time and again - in every economy - affiliate proves its value as an agile solution in every marketers mix. Take the current economy, for example, where digital channels are being  paused and budgets are scrutinized, prompting marketers and publishers alike to turn to affiliate marketing as a diversified and sustainable monetization source.






Pay-for-performance models mitigate risk.
Spend control is the key to higher returns: both of these are  foundational components of the affiliate channel.  In fluctuating economies, spend control is paramount for every marketer. Because of its performance-based model and 12:1 ROAS, affiliate affords marketers control, sustainability and opportunities for endless growth.  


Diverse partnerships drive results.
To persist in a fluctuating economy, marketers need to adopt a balanced approach across their marketing mix. This requires adaptable, dependable, even interchangeable methods to reach your audience.  Because affiliate's reach -- unlike any other channel -- spans across a rich and diversified publisher base, it can efficiently secure results when marketers need it most.



Affiliate is agile. Time and time again - in every economy - affiliate proves its value as an agile solution in every marketers mix.







Pepperjam believes marketers' needs should dictate everything—from service to pricing. Get the flexibility and control you need in a single destination with no hidden add-on fees, overaged or tariff-based pricing.



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