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Today’s concentrated marketing landscape requires a simplified means to diversify your digital marketing approach. You need an intuitive technology solution to discover, reach and convert high-value customers and a partner with the experience to drive connections that create commerce.

Core platform Functionality

Ascend™ leverages advertiser data and preferences to transparently identify and recruit high-quality partners to your white label affiliate program. Ascend’s discovery engine enables marketers to leverage our supply side database to custom curate their own private affiliate networks (PAN).
Ascend™ provides complete transparency and comprehensive access to your data. From standardized dashboards to integrated fully custom reporting, Ascend provides actionable insights that will help you identify winning strategies and optimize your program’s performance.
Ascend™ enables you to customize your commission strategy to align with your attribution model with full dynamic, fractional, first, preferred, and last click capabilities and incorporate affiliate into your overall cross-channel efforts.
Minimize revenue loss and protect your investment across search, social, domain, code and content with Ascend's always-on monitoring and enforcement solution.

Optimization Tools

Partner Management


Our automated recommendations enable brands to discover, invite and segment partners.
Dynamic Commissioning


Easily establish and control commission values to partners based on transaction or conversion attributes including customer type, device type, average order value and more.
Actionable Attribution


Assign value to partners based on time, position in clickstream, code use and more.
Campaign Creatives


Host a variety of creative assets used to generate conversions: text banner, product code and more.


Connect with partners via email, newsletters directly via profile info.
Brand Monitoring


Ensure brand integrity is maintained through search, code & content monitoring, as well as visibility into transparency ratings across partners.
RICH APIs: REST-based web services options
EDUCATION & SUPPORT: On-demand self-education and resource center

Service Levels


Our platform. Your team. We’ll make sure your team are experts at leveraging Ascend™ to maximize the return on your affiliate marketing investment.
  • Guided launch & onboard experience
  • On-demand self-education & resource center
  • Platform access & tools
  • Unlimited expert support & education

Prime Enterprise

Our Platform. Collaborative Program Management. For clients who need full time supplemental support for in-house resources, ongoing strategic advisory, and program performance optimization assistance.
  • Guided launch & onboard experience
  • On-demand self-education & resource center
  • Platform access & tools
  • Ongoing partner review & recommendation
  • Monthly partner newsletter creation
  • Semi-annual strategic review
  • Quarterly creative review


Comprehensive program management provided by Pepperjam.
  • Guided launch & onboard experience
  • On-demand self-education & resource center
  • Platform access & tools
  • Dedicated team of strategists
  • Goal establishment & review
  • Program strategy execution
  • Data-driven insights and interpretation
  • Weekly reviews/check-ins
  • Quarterly strategic review
  • Ongoing creative review

see The pepperjam Difference For Yourself.

Having transparency means stronger execution. With Pepperjam, you have enhanced visibility into partner profiles and automated partner recommendations to find and establish new connections. Take control and ownership of those connections with customized dynamic commissioning rules and actionable attribution tools to maintain a holistic view of your program's performance.

Affiliate 101

See our Technology in action

From scheduling functionality for creative and newsletters to automating partner recommendations, our technology platform has you covered with both the must-have and nice-to-have features necessary to succeed in affiliate marketing. Your job, made easier.
Get inspired by our clients' real-life success stories. See how our technology enabled them to achieve rapid affiliate program success, and how you can too.
Pepperjam Technology in Action


It's not the size of the publisher base, but the quality that matters most. Explore a partner sampling below.

Sakara migrated to Pepperjam specifically because they’re the only technology solutions provider that offers a comprehensive suite of partner discovery, recruitment, optimization, payment—and brand safety capabilities—all in a single affiliate platform. The Ascend™ platform gives us control of the entire partnership lifecycle and that’s paramount to Sakara.

Want to become an advertiser?

If you are an advertiser or brand with an established e-commerce website that sells products or services online and are looking to amplify your brand message through partners, you've come to the right place. Not you? Try our partner or agency sign-up page.


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Dynamic Attribution

Dynamic attribution

Identify and attribute the most valuable interaction in customer journeys.
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Affiliate marketing has disrupted the mainstream.

It's risk-free, ROI-centric and it's changed the face of marketing forever.
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Affiliate Platform Technology for Marketers Without Limits.

Discover, Engage and Convert while protecting brand integrity.  
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